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Friends of The BullsEyE

Scripts for Q3 Crosshairs

( traduisez,  ubersetzen,  tradurre,   traduza,  traduzca )

The scripting language has changed for Q3.  Some of what used to be possible with aliases in Q2 can't be done with the "vstr" scripts for Q3, but here's a few you might find useful.  You can install these scripts in the q3config.cfg file in your baseq3 folder, or create an autoexec.cfg file for them, also in the baseq3 folder.

Change Hair w/each Weapon - # keys
Change Hair w/each Weapon - Next/Prev Weapon Keys
Quick Change Regular x-hair/Sniper x-hair
Quick Change/Select - All Crosshairs
Part-Time Freelook(Mouselook)


Change Hair w/each Weapon - #keys Author
If you prefer a different x-hair with each weapon, this one will change to the specified crosshair each time you change weapons using the number keys.   Substitute a crosshair number from 1-9 for the "X" Cerberus
bind 1 "weapon 1;cg_drawcrosshair X"
bind 2 "weapon 2;cg_drawcrosshair X"
bind 3 "weapon 3;cg_drawcrosshair X"
bind 4 "weapon 4;cg_drawcrosshair X"
bind 5 "weapon 5;cg_drawcrosshair X"
bind 6 "weapon 6;cg_drawcrosshair X"
bind 7 "weapon 7;cg_drawcrosshair X"
bind 8 "weapon 8;cg_drawcrosshair X"
bind 9 "weapon 9;cg_drawcrosshair X"
bind 0 "weapon 0;cg_drawcrosshair X"


Change Hair w/each Weapon - Next Weap/Prev Weap Author
This will change to the specified crosshair when changing weapons with the Next Weap and Prev Weap keys.  This script uses the bracket [ ] keys for next and prev weap.  Make sure you change that if you use something else. Change the "n" to the crosshair number you prefer. Cerberus
bind "[" "vstr lwep" // Last WEaPon
bind "]" "vstr nwep" // Next WEaPon
set lwep "vstr FG"   // Fist gauntlet
set nwep "vstr SG"

   set FG "weapon 1;cg_drawcrosshair n;set lwep vstr RG;set nwep vstr MG"
   set MG "weapon 2;cg_drawcrosshair n;set lwep vstr FG;set nwep vstr SG"
   set SG "weapon 3;cg_drawcrosshair n;set lwep vstr MG;set nwep vstr GL"
set GL "weapon 4;cg_drawcrosshair n;set lwep vstr RL;set nwep vstr RL
  set RL "weapon 5;cg_drawcrosshair n;set lwep vstr SG;set nwep vstr LG"
set LG "weapon 6;cg_drawcrosshair n;set lwep vstr RL;set nwep vstr RG
  set RG "weapon 7;cg_drawcrosshair n;set lwep vstr RL;set nwep vstr PG"
   set PG "weapon 8;cg_drawcrosshair n;set lwep vstr RG;set nwep vstr BG"
   set BG "weapon 9;cg_drawcrosshair n;set lwep vstr PG;set nwep vstr FG"


Quick Change - Regular/Sniper Author
Lets say you have two crosshairs you use most.   One for regular use and one for sniping.  To cycle quickly between them put their numbers in the lines below after cg_drawcrosshair, and change the "X" to the key you want to bind.  Press once to change to the sniper hair.   Press again to change back to the regular hair. rjdriver
bind X "vstr cs"
set cs "vstr cs1"
set cs1 "cg_drawcrosshair 1;set cs vstr cs2"
set cs2 "cg_drawcrosshair 2;set cs vstr cs1"


Quick Change/Select - All X-hairs Author
If you like to change crosshairs to meet certain game conditions or terrain, and you want all 9 available to use and change to quickly,   this script will allow you to cycle through the 9 choices with a single key.  Change the X to a desired key. Cerberus [aod]
bind X "vstr cc"
set cc "vstr c1"
set c1 "cg_drawcrosshair 1;set cc vstr c2"
set c2 "cg_drawcrosshair 2;set cc vstr c3"
set c3 "cg_drawcrosshair 3;set cc vstr c4"
set c4 "cg_drawcrosshair 4;set cc vstr c5"
set c5 "cg_drawcrosshair 5;set cc vstr c6"
set c6 "cg_drawcrosshair 6;set cc vstr c7"
set c7 "cg_drawcrosshair 7;set cc vstr c8"
set c8 "cg_drawcrosshair 8;set cc vstr c9"
set c9 "cg_drawcrosshair 9;set cc vstr c1"


Part Time Freelook (Mouse look) Author
It looks like Id reneged on it's promise to make Mouselook optional in a patch, so this is the closest you'll be able to come to it..  This script toggles mouse look on and off with the mouse 2 button.  Bind it to a key of your choice.  You'll have to press once to activate and press again to deactivate. (Maybe that hassle will convince you to leave it on all the time.) Unknown
set mlook_off "m_pitch 0; centerview; set mlook_sw vstr mlook_on"
set mlook_on "m_pitch 0.022; set mlook_sw vstr mlook_off"
vstr mlook_on
bind mouse2 "vstr mlook_sw"

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