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Friends of The BullsEyE
Crosshairs for Half-Life - Page 4

All the crosshairs on this page were made for
cs3.jpg (4331 bytes)
(put all .spr files into the half-life\cstrike\sprites folder)

NOTE: These sniper crosshairs can also be used for several other Half-Life mods that use sniper weapons with scopes, such as Front Line Force, Day of Defeat, and Firearms.  See the Other Half-Life Mods page for more details.

REGULAR WEAPON CROSSHAIRS:   Since beta v6, the regular weapon crosshair design cannot be replaced.   You can change the color.  In the game, pull down the command console with the tilde (~) key, type adjust_crosshair, and hit Enter.  Each time you type and Enter it will change to one of the 5 available colors.  To start the game with the console available, you'll need to add the command to the shortcut.  Right click on it, choose properties, and add "-console"  into the Target box.  ie:  E:\Games\Half-Life\hl.exe -console -game cstrike.

SNIPER WEAPON (ZOOM) CROSSHAIRS The following weapons have sniper scopes with dedicated sniper crosshairs.  XZ1014, Sig550, Steyr Scout, G3Sg-1, and AWP.  The AUG also has a scope but no sniper crosshair to go with it (SEE BELOW).   You can replace the sniper crosshair for any of the above weapons by downloading a sniper hair from the next  4 pages,  HL4 thru HL7.   For the XM 1014 make sure the name of the sniper hair is ch_sniper.spr.  Rename it if it's anything else.  For the other 4 weapons, the sniper hair must be named sniper_scope.spr.   Rename it to that if it's anything else. Put the downloaded sniper crosshair file into the cstrike/sprites folder .    

STEYR AUG:  When you use the scope the regular crosshair still appears.  But you can change that by replacing or modifying the weapon_aug.txt file that's in your sprites folder.   To modify it, open the file in Notepad or any word processing program and add the following 2 lines:         

You must also change the number in the upper left hand corner of the file from 10 to 12 to indicate the 2 added lines.  Where it says "ch_sniper",  that is what tells the game what crosshair file to use for that weapon when used in the zoom mode.  So if you leave it that way, it will use the file called ch_sniper.spr, same  hair as the XM1014.  Or you can change it to sniper_scope to use the crosshair that the other 4 sniper weapons use.   If you are not comfortable modifying the file, you can download a new weapon_aug.txt file HERE, which will use the sniper_scope.spr crosshair.  Extract the text file from the zip into your cstrike/sprites folder.  Or if you are playing through Steam follow this path to your sprites folder: Steam\SteamApps\youraccountname\half-life\valve\sprites  It will ask if you want to overwrite the file that's already there - say yes.  Or rename the original file first if you think you might want to go back to it later.      

sniper hair pictures have been reduced by 50%

Sniper Crosshairs for Counter Strike  
Created by   (Click HERE to Download all three)
hatsn1sm.gif (2023 bytes) hatsn2sm.jpg (11107 bytes) hatsn4sm.gif (2011 bytes)
Created by Submitted by Pino
click a pic to download
ctjamessn1.png (471 bytes) ctjamessn2.png (4947 bytes) pinosnsm.gif (4055 bytes)
Created by Created by VecteR
click a pic to download click a pic to d/l
newtsn.png (2621 bytes) newtsn1.png (6061 bytes) vecter1.png (4777 bytes)
newtsn2.png (993 bytes) newtsn3.png (1739 bytes) vecter2.png (4045 bytes)
Created by Created by Snowman
red23b.png (1638 bytes) redsn.png (1191 bytes) snowman.png (2500 bytes)
Created by Unknown Created by
unk1sn.png (1088 bytes) unk1sn2.png (2855 bytes) mech.jpg (11059 bytes)
click a pic to download
Created by Dr Goldfish Created by Fightclub
goldfish.png (2480 bytes) fclub.png (3046 bytes) fclub2.png (2059 bytes)
Created by CVEBOLA Created by Jan Walter
click a pic to download click a pic to d/l
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cvesn3.png (1494 bytes) cvesn4.png (1464 bytes) janwsn2.png (727 bytes)
Created by swatkappa
swatk2a.png (3410 bytes) swatk2b.png (2584 bytes) swatk2c.png (6410 bytes)
Created by Nino Created by SNIPER1188
snipea-apc.jpg (7776 bytes) sniper1.png (816 bytes) sniper2.png (921 bytes)

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