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Friends of The BullsEyE
( traduisez,  ubersetzen,  tradurre,   traduza,  traduzca )

(  you
MUST have a graphics program with a MASK feature, like Paint Shop Pro )

For Paint Shop Pro v4.12  -- Continue below

For Paint Shop Pro v5.03  --  Click Here

Advanced Tutorial for v5.03 (by Cerberus)  --   Click Here

1. Pure and Non Pure Servers.    Crosshairs you design on your own can only be used online at servers that have the Pure Server option set to "off".  At Pure Servers, you'll need to get your crosshair file to the server. While Pure Servers were common when the game was first released, they are fewer of them now.  That may change if we start to see a lot of graphic hack cheating start up.   If your favorite server is running Pure, and you know the owner or admin, you can ask him to load your custom crosshair file.  If not, or if he doesn't want to be bothered, send me your crosshair and if it's significantly different than the ones I already, have I'll include it the next Pure Server Player Pak and the next update to the Server Pak for  Pure Servers operators.    Then send the server admin here. 
2. Open Winzip( or any unzipping program ) and use it to open the pak0.pk3 file.  This file is really a zip file rather than the traditional pak file used by id Software.  You can also rename it to pak0.zip  and click on it to open it with Winzip if the .zip file extension is associated with Winzip or any other zip/unzip program on your system. 
3. Extract any of the files called crosshairb.tga  thru crosshairj.tga to a temporary folder.
4. Open the crosshair file in your graphics program and delete the mask.   In Paint Shop Pro v4.12 choose Mask on the main menu, and then Delete.  
5. Redesign and then add the mask back.  In Paint Shop Pro  4.12, the easiest way to begin is take the eyedropper and choose any part of the black background from the original xhair.  Then recolor the   white parts to black so that you end up with an all black(transparent)background to use as  your new empty canvas.  Zoom way in, pick a bright color, a 1 pixel brush, and draw.  After making your new design,  choose Mask, New, From Image, This Window, From Luminance.  Save the new  file under any name  you like.  You'll rename it later.  If you want more than one new crosshair to choose from, you can create or redesign up to 9 and put them all into one pk3 file.
6. Creating a New Pk3 (Zip) File:  The following instructions apply to WINZIP only. If using another zip application, make sure the path looks like this: gfx/2d/crosshair?.tga and  your zip program is set to reconstruct folders.
7. Create a new folder called gfx  inside of an otherwise empty folder.   Inside gfx, create another new folder called 2d.   Put the new crosshair(s) you created or downloaded inside the 2d folder.  Rename the new crosshair(s) to crosshair?.tga where the ? is any letter from b thru j.
8. Create a new Zip file by opening Winzip and choosing New.  Pick any convenient folder to create it in. Name the new zip file pak9.zip.   Make sure that Add Dialog is checked. Click OK.  The ADD dialog window will open.  Browse to the new folder in which you created  the gfx folder.  Rather than open the gfx folder, you need to highlight it with a single mouse click.  In the Action option box, make  sure it says Add (and replace) files.   In the Folders options  check off  Include subfolders.   Compression is optional.  Now click on the Add with wildcards button.  It's done.
9. Move or copy the pak9.zip file into the baseq3 folder. 
Rename it to pak9.pk3 so that the game will recognize the file extension.  Choose a different pak number if you already have a pak9 from something else.
10. Start Quake 3 and check out your new xhair(s).  If you're using a multi hair pak, try the Quick Change/Select alias on the Q3 Scripts page so you can change crosshairs from within the game with a single key stroke.
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