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Friends of The BullsEyE

Pure Server Info Below

Crosshairs for Quake 3 Arena

( traduisez,  ubersetzen,  tradurre,   traduza,  traduzca )


q3demo1.png (1965 bytes) q3demo2.png (1698 bytes) q3demo3.png (1718 bytes) q3demo3.png (1731 bytes) q3demo5.png (1659 bytes) q3demo6.png (1792 bytes) q3demo7.png (1721 bytes) q3demo8.png (1749 bytes)

The full game gives you a choice of 9 crosshairs.   Also, there are new commands (see below), and all console commands must now be preceded by a forward slash /.  All the custom crosshairs at this site can be used at online servers with the Pure Server setting "off".  See the Pure Server section for info on how to use custom crosshairs at servers that have it set to "on", or to get multi crosshair paks.


New Commands and Properites

1.  Choose your crosshair design either in the setup menu or from the console with /cg_drawcrosshair "X" where X is a number from 1 thru 9.  Zero gives no crosshair.

2.  It is size adjustable. Use the command
/cg_crosshairsize "X", where x is a number between 1 and who knows.  I'm not sure of the maximum value, but it disappears completely at about 3 and can fill the screen at 800.  The default is 24. If anything you download here doesn't look as pictured, try increasing or decreasing the size.

3.  It pulsates when you pick up an item.  There doesn't appear to be a command to turn this off.  If anyone knows one, please as I find it kind of annoying.

4. It's screen position can be adjusted.   Unlike the Q2 crosshair, Quake 3 Arena's crosshair is pretty much dead on.   But if you feel it needs any adjustment, you can change it vertically with the command /cg_crosshairy "X", and horizontally with /cg_crosshairx "X".  Substitute a number for X.  Adjustments are in pixels.

and multi crosshairs paks

Id Software has added a kind of graphic hack cheat protection in the final version of Quake 3 to prevent the use of full bright and glowing skins, spiked models, and other graphic file cheats on the client end that would give certain players an unfair advantage.  None of the crosshair pak9.pk3 files here will work at a Pure Server unless the server also has the exact same file. They will all work at servers that have the Pure Server option off.

For more on pure servers and how to get your favorite crosshair to work at one, see the Pure Server Section.   You 'll also find a nice selection there of paks with 9 crosshairs in each.














Click the pics to download Created by
q3xhair1.gif (1068 bytes) q3xhair3.gif (920 bytes) q3xhair5.gif (938 bytes) q3xhair7.gif (938 bytes)
Download each as it's own
q3xhair2.gif (1010 bytes) q3xhair4.gif (959 bytes) q3xhair6.gif (989 bytes) q3xhair8.gif (986 bytes)


Click the pic to download Created by
q3hair13.gif (905 bytes) q3hair14.gif (905 bytes) q3hair15.gif (905 bytes) q3hair16.gif (905 bytes)
Download each as it's own pak9.pk3
q3hair17.gif (915 bytes) q3hair18.gif (925 bytes) q3hair19.gif (925 bytes) q3hair20.gif (925 bytes)


Click the pic to download Created by
q3xhair9.gif (1045 bytes) q3hair10.gif (1041 bytes) q3hair11.gif (1061 bytes) q3hair12.gif (1028 bytes)
Download each as it's own pak9.pk3
I know these are a little odd looking, but  I got carried away playing
with the color change effect, which no longer works in the final game.
Try them in Elite Force for the full effect.

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